Waterproof camera

Yesterday, late evening, my techs came back with a faulty CCTV camera. The customer complained that the image from the camera is very blur and could not see much. And so, on the way back from a nearby customer, I got my techs to dismantle the camera back to the office for a look-see....

When I opened the camera up, I noticed that the rear end (SOMEONE called it the "bantat" this morning, which is wrong as it should be "buntut") where the cables come out, has no waterproofing whatsoever. And the nut (no, not me) was loose. AS the camera was pointing downwards, rainwater entered from there and flowed through the power cables, onto the electronics and then to the glass.

Well, here we go. The reason why the image is
so blur is that there is water inside the camera.

Opening it up is like disarming one
of those fancy bombs you see on
the TV series. And it looked the
part too. Nice. I wonder if I can
keep this camera.......... ha ha ha!

There is crap (OK, rust) on the infra-red circuit
board. The water used the power cables (red,
yellow, black) to flow downwards to the front
of the camera, which is the protective glass.

Some of the infra-red LEDs are corroded. Even when
I have cleaned the light sensor (green), it does not
work. So, this camera is blind at night.

This morning, after leaving it to dry overnight,
the camera still works but not as good as before.

We can repair it but Boss said not to since we do not know the price they bought it from and they could turn around and say, "We do not want to pay you since the price of the camera is lower.". After we have done the repairing, I mean. So, its time to write to the customer, telling them in a nice way that, "Dear sir, the CCTV camera you bought from China and instructed us how to focus it, is screwed. Thank you and have a nice day."