1/72 Humvee from Military Models

Erm, this is another one of those, "Why the heck did I do this for?" moment. Yeap, I bought a 1/72 scale Humvee. There were a few variations but to me, this was the best since I wanted an 'original' looking vehicle and not modified for various missions. And this is an unknown brand too. All because of that funny B-377 Stratocruiser model that is stuck in my mind. Who in the right mind would stuff a car inside a submarine?

This model is by Military Wheels. I could not find any from Revell nor from Dragon at the shop

The white plastic looks weird and well, coming from a unfamiliar manufacturer, I had to take my chance

And so, for 1/72, this model is going to be very small but boy, there are a lot of parts in there.
Well, how the heck do I know that Revell & Dragon versions would be coming into the shop months later? Then again, I was desperate. I think I needed to build something to take my mind off work.

And I don't even have proper modeling glue...