It costs how much?

So, how much to make a board of this size?
I am not sure but before you even begin, there is the Startup cost of RM500
Huh? RM500?
Yeah, this is for them to make master (or something) from your data (Sounds more like handling fees in a Photo shop)....
riiiiight. But how much is the board this size?
How big is it? (I show him with my fingers) This size and it must be double-sided. Well just an average cost would do.
Hmm. I would say, its about RM40 to RM50 but its up to them to quote you.
Wow. So, I would have to pay RM500 on top of RM50 per board?
Yeah, for a large volume, this is a small sum I know, but I am going to go less than five (one or two, actually) And the next time I want the same board made, do I just pay RM50 per board?
Well, there is a time limit but I am not sure how long they want to keep your data but after that time limit, you'd have to pay them Rm500 again.
Wow. Er, ah, OK. Thanks, Bye! (And I almost ran out of the shop, not looking back) [Update]

Well, his son told me that if I want to do a simple single sided circuit board, then the price would be reasonable as there is not much tooling required. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Have to redesign the board but this would mean a lot of wires to solder and a lot of compromises. Maybe I should look for another PCB maker but I am not sure of the prices would be the same. Then again, I have to wait too since my salary is still not in as of today. Damn.


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