The last trip up North...... Taiping

OK, finally, my Boss relented and we're going up to Taiping today. This was a long awaited trip because the customer called us since July, methinks. But seriously, this is how red tape can really screw up an otherwise normal service call and its not our fault. Still, we decided to take the van instead of the Hyundai since this was the only transport capable of long distance trips.

But this is not about my job today. This is more like someone trying to say something to me but because we're men, its very hard. And this nice little trip turned out sombre the minute we entered the highway.

"You know, this is the last trip we'll ever take (together)"

Boy, I feel so guilty. In fact, I've been feeling quite down even since that day. And still, none of my techs know about this since I left it to my Boss to make the announcement. But regardless, my training will go on as scheduled, cost cutting exercise will be increased and more importantly, all of us would have to work even harder.

My main worry is actually the transfer of knowledge. I know, I know, you're all going to say, I should not be teaching everyone 100% just in case. But for me, I am leaving the Industry and just like my mentor a decade ago, who was a waking dictionary. After he left, he soon forgot about everything in a few years. Sadly, I might be going down this path too. But in all seriousness, I actually contemplated about writing a semi-technical book on this.

I am not in total agreement about the removal
of the van's interior carpet which not only help
keep the van clean but also to keep the engine's
heat from coming in. We found out about this
when I was in Taiping where my tools were so
alarmingly hot, it was hard to hold them. So
was my "hot" Notebook which I worry most.

Still, it does make the van look nicer. So, I
am going to tell them to put back the original
carpet and then out the new carpet on top.

We stopped by at Bidor where we had Duck Noodles
at the Pun Chun Chicken Biscuit & Restaurant. And
this "wu tau" is delicious.

I ordered the small portion compared to my Boss's.
The noodles were nothing special, just your normal
everyday wantan noodles which, by the way, is
amazingly tasteless. But the saving grace came
in the form of oodles of green chilies, which
incidentally, was free. As long as you ordered
something, that is.

Adopting the stance of the Hungry Dog, the disgusting
noodles were unceremoniously dumped into the deep
dark depths of hunger where it will never see the light
of day even if it comes out at the other end.

And so, after conquering the disgusting yellow mass, its time to attack the black watery stuff otherwise known as the soup. Oh well, its time to tas .............. Oh.. my.. God..

Oh my God!

OH my God!

My God!

This stuff is delicious! The soup is wonderful! And waiter! Waiter! Come here. Now! Please? Pretty please!? I need rice for this soup!

WTF do you mean you don't have rice?
I want it for the soup, not this dried duck.

Anyway, by the time we got to Taiping,
it was hot. And I'm sweating since the
van does not have air-con. So, here I
am, hunkering down there, in that hot
room for the last time, checking the
PABX system.

What do you mean we have to take
the card back for repair? Isn't this
supposed to be out last trip?

[The morning after]
Well, I woke up sad this morning. I had a dream about the company where it was winding down in during its last days. It was a different office, albeit a cheaper one. When I walked in, only one or two girls were there but my technicians were nowhere to be seen. However, seeing my Boss, he was trying hard to hide his feelings and all the while, being nice and civilise to the debt collectors and all, even helping them to collect back some stuff. The reason for my being there?

I am not sure but it has something to do with my last paycheck due to me or something but instead, I told the girl to take it back. They were surprised at such move and told me there is nothing more, but to just take the money. I told them, "Keep it. It will give (the company) more time to (survive/turn around)."

[Update: 11122009]
We had a brief staff meeting and there were a lot of changes to cut costs. Indirectly, the Company is about to start heading into tough times. Worse of all, the 2001 Hyundai, after being inspected, was offered RM11,000. Sigh.