The day the waters came

I can guess what had happened on that Monday morning. And I mean guess because I woke up late after some eventful disagreement. Anyway, when the staff opened the office doors, the whole floor was soaking wet. And there were water cascading down the steps too.

After everyone has recovered from the shock, it was time to take stock of things. We had to move all affected furniture away from ground zero and get them to dry asap. Luckily, all electrical equipment such as PC, radio, fans, etc. were switched off. Then came the all important documents which must be left out in the sun to dry.

And on the second day, partitions to the floor above were removed to make space for new office. While the ground floor now becomes my/our new Technical Department.

The third day was spent on savaging the alarm system, the door access and also wiring for the phone system. The casualties from all these?

Someone's very quiet
Shorted USB ports
Faulty keyboards
Wonky fax printouts

And a fucking smelly carpet on the ground floor even after its been cleaned

Wet carpets for the first floor will be replaced

Carpeting has been removed while most furniture were transferred up

The water dripped through most of the false ceilings

In the meantime, we used news papers to soak up the access water
while waiting for the powderfool vacuum and eventually, the carpet

The partition to the upper floor was removed

While I set the other technician to work, sucking up
the excess water from the carpet

Walls were boarded up to make sure not much noice from the streets

And voila! A new office with new carpeting as well.
All within three days!!!

Who is from Africa?

Its been quite a while since I used the Clustmaps (on the right-hand side of the page) And looking from the last week's map, (I can only start uploading pictures again, no thanks to bloggerbot) someone is reading my blog in Africa, assuming the IP address is from there. Maybe that is why I get so much "I am a victime of so-and-so regime and I have some money to tranfer overseas but I need your help, etc." spam.

Ha ha ha hah .

Oh, BTW, I am using Picasa's BlogThis! feature, which is taking ages to write a blog. Everything literally stopped for me in this Notebook. And I am just posting one single photo. This is bad. In fact, its worse than Bloggerbot, which is much faster. With the Bloggerbot "going away" end of this year (but it stopped working for me since last week), I am afraid that all the pictures in the previous posts might be gone.

Oh well, maybe I should try another alternative. I was so bad last night, it kept disconnecting my Wifi Link.