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Thanks to Ronald, the 512MB RAM from Hong Kong is finally here. It is here. Here! And it will be in my hands soon!

That is, if I can find the bloody time to go and collect it. Yeah, I am so busy with my job now, I cannot even tell you exactly if I can commit to any appointments I have made due to my hectic schedules. But finally, after more than a week, I got my chance. I have a customer in Jalan Ipoh who is quite close to the collection point.

I tell you, this is the most narrow street I have
ever driven into. The space is for one and half
cars only and you can't park even by the side

This is what happned when you do that. This lady
just stopped her car and rushed in, leaving her
kids playing with the steering wheel summore.
I did not horn her by a motorcyclist did

Anyway, the RAM is here! And its HKD690 (RM282) which
is way cheaper from Internet or Low Yatt As they cost about
and average of RM250 to RM450. And that is not including
postage! I hearts Ronald! (Yeah, its weird for me to say that)

Hokay, this is my Notebook's current memory: 384MB

I take out the 128MB, slot in the new 512MB but left
the 256MB alone. Should I get another 512MB?

And now I realised, I should not have left my Notebook on
[Hibernate] but [Shut Down] instead. Doing this is like
waking up in mid air when you're supposed to be on the bed

And now, there's 786MB RAM in there! And my Notebook speed went
Super Duper fast!
There is no marked increase in performance. The stewpid Hard disk still
spin like crazy and things took agens to load. However, when nothing is
running, viewwing my D50 pictures was fast(er) than before. Oh well.
Maybe I should get my friend to open up the Notebook and place a faster
Pentium processor in there......

Still, I am happy and its a good reason to drink a can of Coke
and a bag of keropok bawang. Thank the lucky stars that no
one was at home when I came back to do all these or else the
RAM might be in pieces, my keropok "stolen" and my can of
Coke confiscated (not supposed to have too much sugar)

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Format and reinstall your OS laaah.