Nerf comes to Malaysia!

I am so happy Toys R us brought some of them in this time! Maybe it was the prohibition of sales of toy guns in the States and/or UK which caused this. I mean, where else would Hasbro do with the current stocks? I know its the curent stock because all the painting scheme are in yellow whereas more than three years ago, they were in blue/yellow combination.

For years, I was trying to get them locally with no such luck. Even Singapore does not have them. And most of the time, we had to use eBay. And the runny thing is, the Chinese does not even copy much except for one particular model.

Anyway, I do hope TRU are bringing more of them in soon. I was so elated, its like finding something rare in your own backyard that caused you to look all over the Earth for it in the first place. I have had mixed responses from eBay because of the postage and customs. And so, if it comes to Malaysia, it would have solved a lot of problems. Except for the money part, that is.

This is the Nerf Nite Finder which I bought for RM35.95 or so.
Nothing spectacular except that you stuff in 2xAA batteries
under the gun's grip to light up a red LED behind the lens.

Its said to be an improvement over the Nerf Scout (won from eBay)
But for me, its not going to be an issue because I am going to take it
apart and cut it up anyway.

Outside Toys R Us, there is the play area for children.
Kristine and Kaelynn showing how dirty their feet are
because everyone (including parents) did not take off
their shoes despite my subtle warnings to them. Oh,
and Kristine nearly started a fight with three girls over
a house but i eventually ended up in a stand-off.

When I woke up late this morning, Kristine took me
Nerf to play while Kaelynn took my favourite Scout

This is the Nerf Longshot which I am hoping they
would come to Malaysia. Potential prop material

This is the Nerf Disk Shot which I am REALLY hoping
they would come to Malaysia. Until then, the Scout is
still my favourite Nerf.

This is the CS-6, interchangeable Nerf weapon. Well,
its going to take some time to like it eventually. Its a
Nerf weapon which allows you to modify it depending
on what firepower (read: Mission) you need it for.

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