The Kiss

Wife: Darling, it just happened.....
Me: What? What happened?
Wife: I just kissed...
Me: You what?
Wife: It just happened and I did not think...
Me: Aiyoh! When you feel nothing is "right" you don't just do it la
Wife: Easy for you to say.
Me: OK, so how was it?
Wife: You better come home and look lor......
Me: cannot tell me now, ah?
Wife: Come home and look or else!
Me: OK, Ok.

Right into the post. You can see the bump, where I assume
would be some brackets. And the reverse sensor's a bit off
too. Whatever it is, I am going ahead with the reverse cam
project sooner than planned, even if it means sacrificing
some of my money in the process.

And I took leave to go to Toyota where the lady said to come
back on Monday to start work since tomorrow is a Public
Holiday. So, I called back to the office and my Boss don't
even "want" me around..... "You took the leave, you go on leave!"

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