My RM1.90 Calculator @ Mydin

I tell you, ah. These Chinese people are real copycats. When I was at Mydin, I saw an interesting calculator selling for RM3.90, which was the cheapest dual energy (battery and solar) calculator in the bin that I have ever seen. So, I took one. And then, I went to the other side where the electrical section were so that I can lose Kaelynn's shoes (OK, it was an accident but we never found the shoe)

And then I saw another calculator. It was the same calculator, albeit with a different name, more colourful buttons and it even came with a pen. And the price? RM1.90 only. Yeah, I couldn't fathom the logic in this. I nearly went nut about tried to buy about ten of them before I came back to reality. I mean, what can I do with ten thin calculators? Apart from breaking them open for prop prototypes, that is.

This is the Stevenson calculator that comes with a pen

See the solar panel? I am going to have fun with it!

Until I realise that its just a film designed to fool
people into thinking it was a solar panel. It was
already transparent and I didn't even spot it. Damn

Oh, and guess what? They're using some
transparent flexible circuit board for the
keypads, same like the calculator I found

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Nex said...

He he he...most so called 'dual power' calculator in the market are not actually dual power. I found that out the hard way after buying a supposedly dual power Casio calculator. Damn pricey too at RM12.00! And I also found out its not even a genuine Casio :(