Winds in the Dark

One of the Security Guards informed about the incident on the roof today. Apparently, there was a strong wind on early Saturday morning which ripped the condo's roof. what happened was that the roof's metal structure was partly anchored and the rest was on wheels.

Since the wind came at it directly, it just lifted the structure and hit it against the wall. Which is good because if it came from another direction, the whole roof would have flown downwards, maybe to other areas where there are a lot of people.

For curiosity's sake, we searched the CCTV for the incident where it recorded the even at about 0229 in the morning. But because it was dark, we could not actually see much except that the cameras started recording once it hit the wall in the dark. Oh well.

They are going to clear the metal structure today and
soon, it would be our turn to see
if the camera suffered
any damage since its
image was all blurry. Even a big
Astro dish
got dented as well.

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