Saving for tomorrow

I mean, why not? Nothing wrong with eating yesterday's meal today.

Sometimes, during dinner, there IS a lot of leftovers. Not because the girls do not eat but somehow, I am starting to eat less for dinner. Mid-life crisis? Yeah, right.

No, its because the more I eat less for dinner, the more I have for breakfast. My Mom, after everyone has finished their meals, would pack the leftovers as breakfast. Unless my brother, who is not satisfied, would come in and whack everything which leaves me eating bread or other weird stuff for breakfast. So, this means I would save more money.

OK, OK. Sooner or later, its time to break out the oat packs and tuna again.

Hey, this is free. And I don't have to worry about it
unless I came late to work which, by then, this 16
or so hour meal would go bad.

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