Driving the whole night was very tiring for me. It did not help when my assistant was sleeping throughout the whole journey. In one of the few rest stops, I really had to take a nap. But because I was too tired to sleep (and did not want to switch on the van's aircon due to the expensive petrol) I decided to take a walk to wash my face. Then, when I got a bit sober, I decided to take some shots since I had the tripod with me. And tonight, there was a full moon too!

I got careless here because you can
see the dustbin. I also forgot to take
off the UV filter which created lens

When I looked up, the clouds were moving very fast
and sometimes, blocking the Moon. I wanted to use
ISO1600 as the moving clouds cause a lot of problems
for me. But I stubbornly set at about ISO400.

This is one of the few clear shots it got, using the zoom lens

Again, there is this irritating lens flare even on the zoom lens.
But for this photo, I think it looked just surreal. Twin moons!

By the time I changed back to my Kit lens, the coulds went
wild and I started to take more pictures, this time, I took
off the UV filter.

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Nex said...

I like the last photo the best. Looks like a portal is forming and through it vile and evil will be spawned!

Wait, that has already happened...and it has a name: BE END!