Here comes the long weekend! III

Today is Sunday. There are no other people around except for us. So, we get to finish our jobs in peace. However, by the time I finished my chores it was already half-past one. Still, we worked feverishly.

And I mean feverishly because I was sick. I had sore throat, aches in my joints especially my back and worse of all, my body seemed sapped of all energy. Still, work is work and because of my position, I cannot relax as I have to set an example. (Later on, the next day, my Boss got sick too because of the full blast air-con he was under).

Before we took this job, we have prepared days ahead. Everyone knows their job so that the plan would not go wrong. But unfortunately, it did. Maybe we did not factor in that the furniture people would take so long as both of us kept bumping into each other. Or maybe, because our time management is still not good enough. So, I HAD to come in yesterday to take the load off the team or come Monday, it would be a very sad thing to let our customer down when he trusted us completely because everyone would be looking for him and not us. So, when I finished my part, I was already walking around like a zombie.

By seven in the evening, the staff came back and did their own unpacking
we left at 2200 this time and prepare ourselves for tomorrow's standby

Even after everything is done, we still have to clean up the mess

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