For Will

Me: You got any LED torchlights for RM10 or not?
He: Got. nah. [Shows me one with a lot of LEDs inside]
Me: No, ler, I want the one with one LED
He: Oh here, try this one, can go 50 feet.
Me: [Checking out the torch] OK, how much?
He: RM15
Me: ........
He: OK, try this one, 60feet!
Me: 7 watts. How much?
He: RM20
Me: [thinking, "Nia ma ge hai! Sai emm sai kam lan guai, ah?"] Er, my friend want RM10 torch wor
He: Oh, wait ah. [Goes into shop and comes out again] Here, try this one, I give you RM12
Me: wah, so small nia. Use only one AA battery sommore.
Me: Can cheaper or not?
He: Cannot la, cheap cheap already
Me: OK lar, give you face today
He: RM36 for all, thank you.
Me: Yeah, right. Bye

And the fucker didn't even give you free batteries.
BTW, the mosquito repellent is battery operated
and sets you back by RM19. No mains powered.

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Will said...

hahaha gotcha... will drop by to find you one of these days to pick em up... thanks