Friday the 13th

I do not believe that such things exist. To me, Friday 13th is just another ordinary day. Nothing more than that. But then, something happened.

First, my perfect knife broke just by falling on
the floor. I can't use it anymore without cutting
my thumb pushing the blade out. C'mon, it just
fell to the floor only wat.........

Then my hip pouch's clip broke and there is no time
to get it fixed. Not only that, my original pouch is
still sitting in the room waiting to be repaired. This
is going to cost me. Maybe I should take it to a
tailor to repair my original pouch.

And when things come, it comes in threes. Once I got home, and after everything was settled, only then did my Wife broke the news to me. We're definitely not going to have any Rat in the house anymore. There is no more heartbeat (again).

Damn. So, sorry if I had not posted for a week. I was too depressed.

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