Missile Style Toggle Switch Cover

I am on leave today and tomorrow. What a way to spend my leave by going to my favourite haunt, Pasar Road. Its been weeks since I was last there and I happen to come across one of the shops selling this:

A rocker switch. Yes, its just a switch but since we're so used to watching action movies, this type of switch has been "glamourised" into a very important switch. When the Hero needs to prepare a missile in the jet plane, he flips the switch. Or, there is a need to arm a complex/nulcear bomb, the bad guy flips a switch.

So, it is this switch which unfortunately, suckers like me would also kill for. Its made in Taiwan and it comes in transparent orange, green and blue. No solid red like the ones you see in the Movies. So, I would have to paint it solid red myself.

Unfortunately, once the euphoria has died down and I paid the money, it just dawned on me that I have absolutely no use whatseoever for it in my car, even though Idreamt of installing it for years. Maybe I will use it for a rear horn..........

Woo Hoo!

The tip of the switch las a red LED too

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zombie said...

Hahahaha.. very funny. How much does it cost?