Remember this short animation brought to you by MTV years ago? Charlize Theron (Charlie's Angels) is Aeon Flux and I believe its coming soon. Go to their website for more information. But IMHO, looking at the movie stills, Ms. Theron looks a bit too fat compared to her PS2 and animation version.

I first saw this in MTV's Liquid Television in the early 90's and its quite nice. Aeon always die at the end of every episode and she never say much except in one episode which I can never remember. Still, the visuals and ideas are quite refreshing at that time.

The nice Playstation2 game trailer can be "downloaded" here. And they did a wonderful job at it too. Unfortunately, after watching this game trailer, I know for a fact that:

1) The live movie will definitely suck unless they continue with the CGI version.

2) I'll still never be able to get a Playstation 2 or 3.

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