Marvel's Icons Iron Man

Kenny just reminded me that this Marvel Legends Iron Man I bought many years ago, for RM99.00 is well, mine. I had it kept in his house when I just got married and well, one must not reveal their vices too early to their spouse.

But seriously, with my mind going anywhere but forward, I keep forgetting about a lot of things. Its like trying to flush a fast flowing toilet bowl. The moment you flush all the water away, more water came in from unknown source and fill the bowl again.

Anyway, since Kenny has opened his many years ago and told me that its made from PVC, my heart sank because to me, its worthless. This is because its not easy to paint PVC and they would react with the paint to give you that oh-so-sticky surface and smudges. My original plan was to take it apart and then light it up but with this being vinyl and all that, its not possible anymore. I mean, I can break it open but when it comes to putting it back together again, its not easy with vinyl. Oh, if only it was hard hollow plastic.

And to think I kept it all these years

I'm not even going to bother reading the comic that came with it too.

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