Today's lesson was a very short one. Before I could warm up with my work, it was finished. At first, when we arrived, we notice there was a lot of cars and it could not be some PTM activity. It was not until Kristine came to me and told me that she had been graded and we can now all go home.

Yes, I was very confused.... I mean, there is so much information you can take in before your brain decided to switch itself off.

This explains why there were so many parents.
All their kids are being graded and I think, some
of them might not be from this school. Then again,
I am never right in this matter. Parents of all races
were anxious while the both of us did not take much
notice all this excitement until too late.

So, just to blend in like any parent,
I decided to take some photos but
come to think of it, I regretted not
having the chance to video Kristine
going through her moves.

In the meantime, Kaelynn was busy too, but with
her own stuff. I like this one, don't you?

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