You know, I really have to stop going to Hobby HQ soon. Everytime I go there, 80% of time I leave with something in my hands while my wallet was still screaming in the pockets. But then with a discount close to almost half, who can resist?

This is a 1/48th scale Helicopter and it
has a lot of parts which I can use it to
make things...

...things other than what is shown in the
instruction sheet or on the box, that is.

So, why did I buy it? Well, this kit in particular,
has a lot of spare parts. For instance, you have
a pair of pilots in tan.

And if you don' t like them, there is another
set in gray. Actually, this Helicopter is used
in a lot of roles and so, what this Academy
did was to create a generic model and then
add in the 'extra' parts or sprue for a
particular version. I am just happy that I
have four pilots instead of two.

The next one is a SR-71 Black Bird which, in
real life, has been retired. But because of the
price and tie size of the model, I simply must
have one. Already I have ideas for it and yes,
it has nothing to do with just being a plane.

Just the shape of the model alone, it is
already 50cm!

And the details for this model is quite nice.
Not that I care anyway, when I am done
with it. If it ever gets done....

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