1/20 Falke

When I examined the Falke, I did not realise it was that big. I kept forgetting that this was the Lunadiver. However, both are not the same scale. For one, the Falke is 1/20th while the Lunadiver is 1/35th. Anyway you look at it, the Lunadiver is still 'bigger'. One day, I want to get it but right now, the Falke will suffice.

OK, so the box is big. Its about 19 inches or so,
according to my thumb and ring finger, that is.

But once you open the box, the model is roughly
about 40cm. in length.

A nice surprise is that even under the box,
there are some printed fiction.

So, this is a quick look-see of the kit and I am not starting on it yet as I need to have a better look at the instruction kit since my main aim is to light it up (again). So, its over to Bruce's for some clear casting help... stay tuned, folks.

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