To Jonathan

Dear Jon,

Yep, its all done and I wanted to come over this evening to hand it over to you but I couldn't. You see, I was sick with the Flu and it is not nice to give this gift to you either. So, I will see you between Monday to Wednesday. That is, as soon as my Job is completed as the Factory is still very busy.

Oh, and here are some of the things you might need to do:
1) You will have to find a way to secure the black battery box to a belt. I have used eight AA betteries for this project. But its not 12 volts, though as I have paralleled two 6 volts together to give a longer run.

2) You might also need to secure the control box to a wrist/strap. I could not do this now since I cut my thumb and its not nice to spill blood into the circuits. The box is a bit cracked and so, you might want to use Superglue on this.

3) The controls for the circuit (via the control box) are:
-First blue button on the left is to select the pattern. Its almost random.
-second left blue button is to light up all the LEDs. You might want to press it a bit harder as I think the wires could be blocking it inside.
-The red button is the 'speed' button.

4) Whatever you do, DO NOT PULL AT THE WIRES! This is because during Comic Fiesta on the 16th or 17th, I WILL NOT BE THERE as technical backup.

Oh, and the white box is the controller. And
as I have mentioned above, DO NOT PULL

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