Signs of Exodus

For many, today is the last working day before the Hari Raya celebrations. But its not a happy day to them because not only is today Friday, its also a school holiday. For they have to brave through another trial by Fire before the day is over. In other words, crowds and last-minute shopping.

This morning, on the way to work, the whole
stretch is jam free

And I do mean, jam free. But after 11, where everyone
woke up, I guess, the road conditioned worsened. Certain
places such as Jln TAR and so on would be so congested,
it would be a nightmare to be stuck in there.

And by evening, the rain made things worse. This is
just right after Section 25. I was coming back from Shah
Alam and it was not a good idea to use the Federal Highway.
The NKVE exit from Subang was also clogged up and so,
I had to use the shortcut to come to here. I had paid RM50
for petrol and just 1/3 was wasted for nothing. If not, I
could have gotten 300 or more Km instead of 240.

Just after KDU. I have had enough because just ahead,
it as all jammed up on the way towards Kepong and
Taman Tun. So, I took a detour on the Tropicana Mall
corner towards the Muslim cemetary and Section 17.

Here we go, and surprisingly, there was no jam!
Usually, the opposite stretch would be a night-
mare to even look at.

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am home free!

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