bangkokboi's Full Moon Delivery Service

So, on a nice Sunday afternoon, bangkokboi came and whisked me away to help in his mission of possible. Yes, we are to deliver about thirty-odd Full-Moon packages to his relatives and friends. Although the actual date is on the coming Thursday, it was decided to be done with on the Sunday before mainly due to the reasons of him not being around.

Before coming over, he has already delivered about fifteen and so, I was to help him deliver the remaining ones. So, we went to Ampang, Cheras, Taman Desa, Taman Megah and one more place I forgot. After that, it was already late in the evening and we still had to return to his house for more packages.

So, why am I following along? Well, I did ask him if he did need my help before since I have the van. But in actual fact, I was to be there so that I could "guard" his car while he ran off to do his deliveries. Thank Goodness there were no cops about. But the change in the plans was due to his Mom offering to cook instead of going to those shops which would have cost a lot considering he has a lot of realtives and friends!

Also, I was there because one of his delivery route went to The Curve where I managed to get the Phaser Rifle back (but no Tricorder) and pickup the ultra rare Electronics Magazine (Elektor Electronics). Its ultra-rare because compared to tons and tons of computer magazines, they only bring in about two per newsagent or none at all.

bangkokboi looking chuffed with his Full Moon package

Loads of, Ang Pows inside his car

Accident outside Flamingo junction in Ampang

Almost finished with the current batch........

And time for another re-load!

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