Carrefour's new IT Section

Its now a very common trend to have an IT zone in most shopping complexes. Not to be left out, Carrefour has started its own IT zone too. How they did this was to expand their current electrical section with more computer related stuff. So, at Carrefour Subang Jaya, you can purchase things from a computer bag to a mouse to a thumbdrive to monitors to joysticks to
.... well, you get the story. Although this is not a new idea, but it would be a first for a Hypermarket to do so. Without a doubt, other Hypermarkets would follow soon but how they deal with it, we will just have to wait and see, like what happened below

Although the store looked a bit empty (the official opening was from 7th to 9th December) the moment I walked in, I can see the staff carrying and putting a lot of mouse on the shelves. Anyway, since my current mouse has died this afternoon, I decided to get another mouse for myself.

Bright lights and ample space. But there is a more sinister
matter with Carrefour. You want to know? Go in there and
buy an item first.........

The security guards at the exit will check your items for
what reasons I do not know. But what I was not happy
was this.

I did not know this until the Guard went and stamped this
on my receipt on my way out. If I knew about this, I would
not have bought the mouse.

[Update: My mouse is faulty and I cannot change it. Grrr!]

This is the mouse I got, the closest match to my
previous dead mouse, in terms of function

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