My Right Foot

Well, it hurts, that's what.

It started last Sunday night. When I was using the computer, I would always stick my leg into a small space. Which is normal for me.

But when I switched off the Notebook and started towards the bedroom, my right leg hurts like heck. After some minutes of hobbling, my leg sort of warmed up and and I can walk again.

I am not sure what happened but it happened again last night and this morning too. I can't blame this on my new pair of very expensive shoes (which made me walk like a Penguin too). I was "encouraged" to buy it until I have the cash for another pair of Industrial Boots (which broke after four years). Then I will use this B.First (from Bata) RM34.99 shoe for walking and sneak up on people (Is that why they call them sneakers?)

But still, why my right leg hurts is a mystery to me. There was no pain when I touched it.

So, until then, I hope it heals ASAP as I walk a lot during work.


Babe_KL said...

could be yr foot in the same position too long, no blood circulate to dat area, hence the pain?

CFC said...

Yep, thought of that too, until this morning when it got so painful, I had to literally hobble all the way.

I think I have sprained the ankle-joint area. Its not that painful until I put some weight on it or twist it (When getting in/out of the car)