Scum of the Earth

When one goes to a Shopping complex, their main object is to either purhase an item/s or just to have a looksee on the latest products. So, its going to be an enjoyable evening because I have not been to 1-Utama for ages. As my appointment was at 8PM, I had about two hours to spare. So, I decided to have a nice stroll to all my favourite shops (except ToyCity where their sales staff always follow you around as if you're a thief).

As the appointed time was near, I began to search for my friends via SMS (its cheap, ok?) and I happened to pass by some booth promoting credit cards. Knowing the potential trap, I decided to walk fast to avoid those, promoters.

But I was not fast enough and sure as heck, one worked itself loose from the group and pounced on me.

Him: Excuse me, would you a credit card?
Me: No, thanks (and I waved him off)
Him: Do you have a credit card? (He tried to match my speed)
Me: I already have one. Thank you (Walking faster)
Him: You do which one do you have? (He also tried walking faster)
Me: Its Citibank, ok (I am starting to get annoyed)
Him: Well, this has a lifetime bla.. bla.. bla..
Me: Please, la (Me black faced already)
Him: Bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..

Then I stopped suddenly, turned about, faced him and shouted in his face;


It was so loud that everyone turned around and looked at us. The promoter was shocked and the only thing he could utter was a dismal, "what". He had this look of disbelief, you know, the kind of look where your Mother in Law/Grandmother/Boss/cat/dog caught you naked coming out of the shower. Then I walked off, as if nothing happened while everyone looked at him. (I think I heard someone clapping in the distance but I was not sure)

One thing that came out from this was, (although I had a slight sore throat after this) the great and wonderful feeling of some heavy burden suddenly being lifted away. And for the rest of the night, I slept peacefully too.

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Anonymous said...

next time juz tell the bugger that you are already being blacklisted by the bank. then he sure will shut up.. =D