1/32 Moebius Cylon Raider Part 12

Time is making me panic as my self schedule is now way over. Its now end of March and there is no completed product to show. Then, at the same time, the SOIC version of the chips arrived. This was because I realised the SOPP chips, although it solved my size problem, it's legs were too close to be soldered properly without the risk of shorting.

Also, I am very sure my Wife won't let me use the microwave or the toaster for wave soldering; a technique used to solder SMD components. But then again, there are no solder paste being sold here.

And so, this came after 3 days. Direct from manufacturer. How about that?

This is the SOIC chip, which I should have chosen from the very beginning. The legs are so wide, I can easily solder them with my new soldering iron sharp bit

What the.... hey. this is seriously wrong!
This is the second adapter which I order and it won't fit!

And when I checked it against the prototype board, it won't fit either.
There is no way the IC's package is wrong!

Left to right: The DIL version, the SOIC version and the SOPP version

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