The day they came.... III

OK, for Dinner, we're too exhausted to do anything else. But since it was still early, we decided to go to Aeon to have something to eat...

This is very nice. More of like Barbie for post-teens.

And the quality is much much better. The hairstyle is very natural. Shame the same cannot be said for the male version which looked slightly better than Ken with a wig.

Yep, time to get a new pair of shoes. After much searching in there, I finally relented and chose this one due to the size of my feet. Since they have the size but not the width, this was the only series I could find. Took us more than 100 minutes eventhough there was a Sale, going on.

OMG, I never did realise how haggard this pair of mine looked after three years.

Since everyone was still full from the Clownhouse, and there was nothing to fit the bill between a heavy snack and a minimal dinner, we got some stuff from the Food Section. This one was half price since its already past nine.

The girls enjoying their food while someone else looked on

Yep, as usual, she takes the su and I take the shi... in other words, its DBKL time again.

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