The day they came.... II

OK, this is the second part of the day where, apart from getting the important stuff set-up, we pick up the pieces, something which is getting to be very common with us, especially with the bringing up of the girls.

But first, time for a break and its better than Kit Kat

After much mucking about, it was time for Lunch. We need this break because after this, its more things to do.

Yep, first thing on the list is to fix the tap for the washing machine. The Aeon guys said that the tap is not compatible with the washing machine's adaptor. And so, its time to go to a hardware store...

After an hour and a half in the hardware store, I got this tap for RM100. I mean, I could get it cheaper and sooner but I was trapped by the Salesguy who laments the working condition and his treatment by the Boss's Wife, etc.

OK, I can't do this one but we know there was a problem with the wiring. We were surprised that the circuit breakers did not trip the first time this wall plug was installed. This is bad news and Wife is chewing the contractor's butt on this. Luckily, there was another power point nearby

Next on the list is the toiler which, needs the metal hook fixed. Luckily the guy from the shop gave it so me free. I need to do this fast in case the girls accidentally poo-poo in there and could not flush.

Hmm... what do you think? A dash of white or maybe, cream & brown scheme?

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