Present from MacDonalds

Whenever they can, my parents would sneak off and take Kristine to MacDonalds. There, she can have fun at the mini playground, eat ice-creams and other sweet stuff which we would never buy for her, except once in a while. So, this time, there was a Hello Kitty promotion and she got a Hello Kitty Videocam. Well. the package looked like a videocam but actually, its just an LED shining on a set of six templates so you can make some patterns on a surface. And Kristine was thrilled to bits. Well, for a few nights. The she got bored and that was the time I managed to get it away from her.........

So, this is a Hello Kitty videocam

When you open the LCD flap, you will find that there is
no LCD. The flap serves as a cover for a compartment
to keep the pattern disk

Slot the disk in, and then shine it on a
wall/body/face/bum, etc. And you
will see a pattern

I was to tempted to open up the casing (as the LEDs
were too bright) to modify it so that the light does
not leak out to the casing. I couldn't because it
uses those screws with funny heads which
needs a special screwdriver just like the
toys at Burger King. Darn.
Oh, press the yellow button for some fun

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