Made in China

A customer went to China and came back with these. And this is where the headache starts. We are, or rather, I am, being tasked to install these items for them, assuming we have the expertise to do so. No one ever bothered to take a look at the manuals to see if there are any installation notes or connection diagrams. All they did was to flip the book, and say, its easy. When I looked at the manual, and even the half complete website, I could not find anything to help me.


And so, I had to take some items back for some testing (read: dissected Frog legs in a lab) whether they like it or not. Unfortunately, today is Monday and I still have not done anything yet as we're up to our necks with other customers and more calls are pilling up everyday.


Looking at the quality of these things, they are good but its going to take ages to set them up.

This is a new design dome camera. It can swivel
to a lot of angles. And can see in the dark.

Once you open it up, it looks like an electronic

This is the one that is giving me problems. A thumbprint reader
and a door lock controller. There are three of these and I do not
want to program three sets of fingerprints for every user. It not
only looks stupid but, heck, its ridiculous

This is a power supply for a door access
I have never seen such a big PSU before

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