Nokia 5800 Firmware Upgrade V30.0.01

Something must be wrong with me. I stayed up the whole night, trying to log on to the Internet and download the firmware. And all the time, I was very afraid that any sudden Internet disconnection might brick the phone. (As in corrupted installation to the chipsets, turning the phone into one big paper weight)

But I needn't worry as the software would download first
and then install. This was the shot I wanted to show you
but missed it the first time when I was updating to V.25

And after it reboots itself, a quick #*0000# reveals
the new information. Nothing new here but I felt as
if the phone used slightly more power and some of
the icons were changed. Still, it hanged everyday.

But now, it turns itself off even more, as if it does
not want to live anymore, dreading everyday that it
would hang on almost every application and making
the owner feel stupid and lose confidence on Nokia.

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