Things are never that simple.

Ever faced this problem where you think some things are so simple, you can do it within the shortest time? And generally, that "shortest time" turned out to be hours.

Yep, today was one of those "shortest time".

Its was a very simple job, really. All I have to do was to upgrade customer's existing PBX to a newer model and also, to optimise their extensions. You see, they have a total of 32 incoming lines and 40 extensions. And because some Department have moved out, the remaining poor monkeys have to make to with a reduced total of 6 incoming lines and 22 extensions. So simple, right?

Wrong. Because there were actually two phone systems running in tandem and you guessed as much, the cabling are a mess. So, it took me more hours than necessary to trace all the cables and separate them from the redundant ones. And then the second problem was facing the, customers.

And they happen to be the Salespeople which bombarded me with a lot of complaints. No surprise there because when I examine the phones, they looked as if some child has vandalised them. If it was up to me, I would ben them from ever touching Toshiba again, the philistines!

Anyway, when the job was done, it was way into the evening, and I just remembered I have forgotten about lunch.

Oh well....

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