Going into Trance

When I was small, my late Mom had to bring me to a lot of mediums due to my sickness and other stuff. By then, I would have known the procedures:

1. Take off the shoes, settle down and if you're lucky, there are no bullies who pick on you.
2. Wait, and then, you follow your Mom in offering prayers and lighting up joss sticks
3. Wait.

4. Wait

Suddenly, the chanting would stop and you WILL know what is going to happen next.

The centre of the room is cleared and only the table is left. A man would then start to light up some joss-sticks and then pray to the altar. Almost immediately, he sort of almost falls and starts to shake, from his hands to his head. He is then lead to the table and this is where expectant visitors line up. They would be asking him questions, which he, being the medium would relay back the answers from the afterworld.

Now, growing up, I did believe in all this because it did help me boost my confidence, pass exams or whatever fear I had because I was also carrying the amulet which was blessed. But now, the hocus-pocus is starting to wear off. That is, until a few days ago. I was in another medium's room, but this time, with more lights and much brighter walls. Everyone was crowding around me and the joss-stick I was holding seemed...wrong.

In my mind, I was thinking, 'You know, maybe I just fake it and see what the fun is all about' and so, I help it up again. All of a sudden, I was in a dream-like state and my vision was clouded with white edges. There were people talking to me but it was not important. In front of me was a white parchment with some circles, plus yellow markings. I was trying to concentrate and remember the pattern. And then, suddenly, I was back in that room, trying to redo what I saw....

And I work up...

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