Its been years since I've been to XL-Shop's HQ in Ampang. In fact, its close to almost ten years. The very first time I was there, it was like suddenly, as if I was in Santa's place. But in reality, I know this wasn't true because unlike Santa's place, this one has price tags. Everything and anything was there and wel.. heck... its just there.

Personally, it was more of a time machine for me too. Or, should I say, walking inside a time machine with unpredictable worm holes. OK, OK, for those of you who are not familiar, think of it as a unorganised storeroom of a toys museum. At the front of the counter, you would have the latest toys all displayed. But as you move further back, you can see older toys that are years old. And sometimes, when you though you have seen it all, you would unexpectedly do a double-take and look closer because hidden in the there would be more toys you have never even seen before. And so, this was how I can relay my joy when I was there. It was also the same for me when I went there the fist time many years ago.

But there was one difference. I was looking for an item which they do not have but I have seen it on their shop located in The Empire. "So, why did I not buy it there and then, you asked?", "Simple, you fool", I would have replied. In fact, I would reply using the tone of a nonchalant smelly fart who, by miracles of miracles, bothered to reply to a lowly peasant who disgraced himself with a cheap RM9.90 deodorant bought in a cheap sale, "Because, you fool, I could ot count past one."

So, what the girl did was, being short for amazing, she Skyped all other shops to get them to look for it. Afterall, this is HQ and no one dares to say NO. Eventually, after a few minutes, one responded and can deliver it to HQ to me. But in the end, I decided to go there myself and they promised to keep it for me. Was it the Empire Branch?

Nope. It was Mid-Valley, of all places. Not bad.

On they way out, the I noticed that there was a
big fair for Chinese goods. I did not notice this
was I came direct from the basement carpark.

And you can tell that the Fair was a huge success
with all the customers visiting and the sales reps
being kept off their feet.

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