Chicken Feet

Just like my Dad, Kristine also love chicken feet. And so, when I was at another customer, I saw some deep fried version on a mamak stall and immediately bought some. Because it was after lunch time, they offered me all the chicken feet on the tray. The deep fried chicken feet are (I think) fried the same way as their chicken which is very crispy. But by the time I got home, it was a bit soggy and as everyone wanted them, there was no time to stick into the oven/grill.

Kristine and the big bag of chicken feet.

Wife: Wah, so many, ah?
Me: Yeah, Dad and the girls liek them mah
Wife: So, how much for all these?
Me: About RM4.00, why?
Wife: Wah, so expensive! [poke poke in the box]. See, you got cheated again. Most of them are chicken neck underneath.
Me: [poke poke in the box] .. aiyah...
Wife: Don't try to eat them, OK? Stick to the chicken feet even though you don't like them

Kaelynn was enjoying them too. And after meals,
she tried to sneak out more chicken feet. I don't
mind but because they're oily, this makes her
hands oily, everywhere she goes, would have
oily stains.

You try taking it away from her......

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