The iPot

Well, I am not sure what to call it but the little metal container which my Mom got it a few days ago, reminded me of an apple. Its one of those double walled metal containers which, in theory, is able to store hot food inside it. But knowing things that comes from China, the storage time would not be for long. However, if you do own one, be careful not to hold it by the handle at the top because there is no 'catch'. All it takes is just one little twist and the spot where you stand will look as if you had a very bad case of extreme bowel movement.

Here is Kristine bringing with my lunch.

And yep, its lou shuie fan. A very nice dish and
almost impossible to eat with forks, or fingers,
or toes. You just have to grab it with your hand
and stuff them into your mouth as fast as possible.
What is nice is the pork meatballs and a little slice
of flavoured sausage, which, to me, is like salami.

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