Oh, sorry. Wrong number...

Whee... finally found the correct screensnap app that works on a Nokia n8 so now, I can start to capture the phone's screen display or rather, screenshots. Just so that you know, I am using version 3.00 and not the old one.

In just days after I have started to really use the n8, I found that there is a minor problem where keypads are concerned. This was because I was so used to the 5800's keypad layout that my fingers are still having trouble 'forgetting'. This is very irritating when I wanted to manually dial a phone number and I could end up calling a wrong person instead.

This is the 5800's alphanumeric layout.
No nonsense and straight to the point.

And this is the n8's alphanumeric layout.
When I press the wrong number and hit
the backspace button, I ended up opening
the phonebook instead. Because its so fast,
I would have but then, dialled the wrong
person in the phonebook when I should be
cancelling the wrong digit. Oh, and because
it does not have a hardware CALL button,
the big green does that job now.

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