And the secret ingredient is.....

During the day, while were were all asleep, Mommy made some jellies. I use dto make them too when I was young but those involved powder. Here, my Wife actually bought those jelly strips or something and they turned out wonderful. When it was time to cut them, everyone helped out.....

Kristine taking the jelly out of the mould

After observing her sister, Kaelynn also tried to
take the jellies out of the mould.

But she does one step extra, which is to taste them
before putting them into a container.

Aha! Caught red-handed!

Kaelynn trying to distract us by looking cute. How many
jellies has she been tasting? I have absolutely no idea as
they're all mixed and so, for I ate as much as I could in
case other people "accidentally" ate them and found out

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