Its gone but who cares?

After coming out of Central Market (Pasar Seni), I used the Jalan Sultan route to get to the Federal Highway and I was shocked with what I saw. Some of the buildings have already been demolished. They were literally in the path of the new controversial LRT Project.

This is one part of the street where KL literally grew and to many Generations, their memories are there. Now, some would lament the unavoidable future while some would be glad to move away. However, to the rest of us, we do not care so much since we did not grow up in this place nor owe them anything. And so, alas, like those 'its not happening to us' syndrome, no one cares. Once in a while, when we see the street or read the article, we would just say stupid things like, "I used to go there for so and so things.", "So sad that stall is no more, those [you stuff] are delicious." or even, "Feh. Who cares?". The a few seconds or a minute reminiscence and that's it.

If you were to ask around, people might respond with, "So what? What did they (owners) do for us?" or even, "What? They think we owe them, meh?".

This Sky is suddenly so bright even in this gloomy sky

Its a bit disorienting since that familiar landmark is gone.
Then again, who cares?
So, its gone. Like me, who cares?

Would I get any benefits if its still around? No!

Would I get money from it? No!
Will it help me? No!

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