Revell 1/72 NATO Pilots

Hokaaaay, I have a few minutes of free time yesterday and so, I took some quick pictures of the package which I got from the BIG Post Office some time ago. This is a 1/72 scale NATO Pilot figure set from Revell. When I 'introduced' the WWII Pilot set and Ground Crew to Bruce at Hobby HQ a month ago, I was quite impressed with the quality and detail. So much so, I got one on the next shipment.

But there was something missing from that set which are proper pilots. And so, as luck would have it, I saw this on eBay and quickly placed an order as soon as I located one that was being sold at a ridiculous price even when compared to over here.

At first, when I saw these figures, I thought they were made from those soft plastics which I seriously hate. But these are actual plastic which you can cut, glue and paint. And so, with the NATO set, I was quite chuffed.

As usual, these wonderful little things come in well... one sprue.
I must lower my expectations because in these times, packages do not come in gold plated boxes, generous multiple sprues and personally handed to you by Ms.World wearing an F-14 Pilot G-Suit.

Some of the poses are very very nice. The folding arms guy would need some work to make him more 'civilian', though. Shame I could not use the Pilot figure so I will have to resort to using the WWII and cut off his head...

Still, this will be very useful when and if, I build a 1/72 Modern aircraft.

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