The Patch

This came in while I was out. This was for the F-117 Group Build which I will be given a set of decals in exchange for the one which I cannot use from Kenny. OK, lets try this again.

Me have one huge decal (The Last Flight American Flag) which me cannot use for Cold War Group Build. Kenny have decal set which has Cold War design which me can use. We going to exchange decals.

So, using the amazing powers of my failing eyesight, I have managed to track a cloth patch which is used in that Wing. This is the 37th Fighter Wing (formerly 37th Tactical Fighter Wing) and the squadron is 416th (I am not sure what this all means and in this case, I am usually wrong). This is where the F-117A planes were first used and their target was to drop two  2,000-pound Mark 84 LGBs (Laser Guided Bombs) (aka The Hammer) bomb NEAR the Battalion 2000 barracks located in the Rio Hato Airfield. Yep, a stunning wake-up call.

When I first held this envelope, my memories quickly stirred and straightaway, I know that this does not contain any model kit or electronics parts... Yes, believe in the power of observation of the common Joe.

They do not have the '37th Tactical Fighter Wing' but the '37th Fighter Wing'. Close enough but well, I am still not happy. Then again, time is not on my side.

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