Laziness muddles yur Blain

When I saw this, my thoughts were:

"I'll just use the fill some water into the dish and use the bowl again. No need to wash both until she comes back and finishes her meal..."

Which was lazy thinking because normally, I would wash all the bowls, plates and utensils after the girls have eaten and then, would I re-use them. If needed. But not dirty ones. Its like someone wrapping your take-away with newspapers, the same ones they used as toilet paper.

So, that lazy thought that crept into my mind was an indication that I am getting sloppy. Because if I were working and all that, this would never have happened. Too bad there is no such mirror in reality which tells you when you're slipping or on a roll...

Sometimes, I find that washing is quite pleasurable.
Slippery by pleasurable. Why?
I am not sure.

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