Trip to Central Market

Sometimes, there are reasons unknown which causes little accidents/incidents and when you try to recover them, you are rewarded with something beautiful. Take today's case for instance. There was a package delivered to me a few days ago but because there was no one in the house, the mailman left a note stating that they will hold my package for a week before proceeding to the next stage.

And so, I need to go to the BIG Pos Office (because they stamped 'Pejabat Pos BESAR') which is located next to Dayabumi. Normally, I can pick them up from Brickfields which is nearer but eventually, everything went back to that RM3.50/hour place. And I have to time it so that I can still come back and take Kaelyn to school, buy lunch, take them back, etc.

The Parcel Collection area has been going through a big renovation since months ago and its now waiting for CF. Once it is operational, it would make the experience more pleasant. But somehow, walking through the back-door, where you can see all the mail & parcels being sorted, it felt like home. (No, not my home but more like my room before I got married. You can imagine various stacks of Books and CDs and stuff, all arranged in weird categories), Perhaps, I should order some big packages stuff and not answer the door when the mailman comes...

And so, all the way for this package just because no one was at home.
OK, I was taking my Dad to leave his car at the Workshop.

The Sky is cloudy and everything seemed grey.
Exactly like a normal day in UK.
The colourful mural was opened to youngsters to showcase their creativity, and sponsored by Dulux.

I parked at Central Market, which costs 50 sen less.
Here, you can see a lot of people 'waking up'

I am not sure if they slept here since there were some doing this...

Whoa... someone eating Nasi Lemak with sambal!

Some 'things' for the Malaysian Lantern tourism Festival over the weekend. This is from Taiwan.

I think they're using felt or someting as the surface was not affected by the drizzle

Queen Monarch
by Cheong Yong Shiang, Ser Kai & Chen Kok Kheong

The remaining exhibits all locked up. Some were quite nice, though.

Panoramic shots
OK, you need to click on to the pictures for the large panoramic shots to take in all the well, stuff.
The Murals

Left side of the Central Market

Right side of the Central Market.
You can see Han frozen in carbonite...
When you go up close and personal, its a bit scary...

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