07022016 Marketing on the Eve

Today is the Eve of the Chinese New Year and we need to get to the Market as early as possible to get a nice chicken for prayers. By the time we arrived at 0800, most of the chickens were snapped up despite the light crowd.

I was also hoping for the hardware shop to open so I can get a toilet roll holder for the Condo but there's still another two hours to wait...

There are a lot of Gardenia Butterscotch on the shelves but I won't be getting them until the day before I am scheduled to fly to Kuching again. I felt like a smuggler; bringing Grenadines to KL and taking 10 loafs of Butterscotch on the way back. And at RM4.55 per loaf, its not cheap too.

This is the first time I've seen firecrackers being sold openly since the 90's

The Meat Valley... where chickens are being sold in the front and pork after that.

Usually I see old Aunties selling these noodles and meehoons but she looks new

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