Rushed Bananas

One thing we all like about eating here at Sri Nirvana Banana Leaf is the long queue to the tables... not. Its just that Kristine loves Banana Leaf Rice meals and so, today, we decided to accomodate her since its one of those meals which she does finish everything.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, here is a Wiki link in a nutshell.

We  have been eating here for years on Special Occasions but lately, I find that the atmosphere was not as great. The workers were sarcastic when we asked for the tamarind rasam (South Indian soup) which was usually served 'automatically'. Plus, they can't wait for us to clear the tables as well. Granted its lunchtime and with the long line of customers and alll but somehow, I felt we're not welcome anymore.

I'm the only one in the Company who eats his lunch using hands much to the amusement of others.
Today, I am doing the same thing. Its does not matter what people say because, the food tasted better.

Why is this Monkey having a good time?

Because she kept stealing her sister's food.AFTER she has finished hers.

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