The fall

30082012 1530

At about quarter to one, Wife rang up and told me that Kristine had a fall at school and the teachers have asked us to pick her up. Before my Wife could even finish the conversation, I was already heading towards the door. That is, right after I put on my pants, drank a cup of water, comb my hair, changed my shirt, etc.

It was panic time for me because well, I mean, if a teacher asks you to collect your kid after a fall, it must be serious, right?

What was so frustrating for me was that I needed to fill in a lot of forms and even had to go to the office for one of them. All this just to get her out from school, before the session was over. It did not help that I was the only person who is in a hurry to get her home while everyone seems to be moving in slow motion. And by the time I reached her class...

Nothing wrong with her. She just fell and her knees bent and hit the floor.

Once we reached home, the pain subsided and I got her to change her clothes. After she ate some lunch, I switched on the air-cond so she could sleep.

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