Accident on the Even of Merdeka

30082012 1530

How do you know that there is an accident? Very simple. There are usually three signs:
1. An engine being revved slightly above normal.
2. The unmistakable screeching of tyres
3. The sound of crumpling metal or metal against metal.

When you heard the last one, you know its very near, especially when you're in an air-cond room.

This was the scene which greeted me. Theory is that the car reversed and the bike banged it because I overheard the motorcyclist telling the Guard that he has the right of way, etc. I cannot blame him because during school session, every parent has only one thought on their mind and hence their selfish ignorance on other vehicles. I am guilty of that too. At least a few times a week...

Kid looking at Momma's dented car which cannot close because the alarm would go nuts

The motorcylist. And a Lady next to him, saying that its unfortunate that such thing happened and on the Eve of Merdeka too.

Momma realising the car can't be locked tonight.

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