The Welding circuit

30082012 1821

rayloke asked if I could whip up a electronic solution that can simulate the flash of arc weldings using LEDs. And so, I told him I could. Easily.

But if he were to ask me years ago, I could not even say yes. With the limited time I had during jobs, it was not possible to learn more about chip programming. Thankfully, there are sample programs on the Net which I can download and analyse.

And so, within 24 hours, it was done and he was so impressed with it (and two out of the five LEDs are really realistic) that I was suprised since he has an eye for details and also, is very particular. Initially, I asked if he would just like the board only and connect his own LEDs but in the end, I soldered some resistors to the LEDs and gave it to him because its enhances the whole 'first impressions' concept.

I used the remaining of the four General Purpose prototype boards for this.
[Update: ]
A week later, he sold it to another customer who wanted it urgently. Which brings me to a possible third product as a General Purpose Board which can be for Arc Welding, Motor speed control or even, Engine flickers. But I would have to further enhance the design since I want to make it as compact as possible and also, be programmable on the fly.

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